Using Multimedia to Create Presentations

How can multimedia be used to create immersive presentations on a web site?

To be truly immersive, the content offered on a web page or application should offer the viewer as comprehensive an experience as possible, supplying many kinds of stimulating and engaging ‘windows’ into the subject being discussed.

The viewer should find either that their impulse to ‘find out more’ is anticipated and satisfied at every possible turn, ideally with more content that is integrated into the page, or that their attention is so completely held by the content (immersed in the experience) that they wish to linger a while longer learning about the subject.

If the subject happens to be you and your business, then you are well on the way to converting a viewer into a customer.

Multimedia in Education

Many education web sites and resources make full use of multimedia. Flash applications, often involving interactivity in various forms such as questionnaires, educational games etc. are ideally suited to educational projects and can be valuable learning aids. Where educational multimedia is concerned, it is vital that the content is appropriate to the level of the viewer, and usability considerations are paramount, especially for younger audiences.

Usually there are a clearly defined set of learning objectives guiding projects of this kind, successful results are obtained when the planning and execution of multimedia content follow these constraints.

Various types of multimedia content can be incorporated onto a web page, some examples include:


Although audio can contribute hugely to the immersive experience, creating an ambience or conveying information in one of the most direct and accessible ways possible, it can also have drawbacks when used on a web page. There can be a negative reaction to audio in situations where it intrudes or interferes with other audio (music perhaps) that the user is playing on their machine, or conversely where a quiet environment is required / enforced – for example in a workplace etc. The simple answer to this is to always alert the user to the option of sound, avoid activating audio automatically, and offer a prominent control to switch the audio off. It should be mentioned that where audio is intrinsic to other media then its presence is more readily accepted (and anticipated) therefore the caveats above are less important.

Video Presentations

Video content itself can consist of a variety of formats – live action footage, single person presentations, 3D animations and live action/3D composite sequences. All these types of video can be incorporated on the page as discrete elements, or themselves embedded into Flash movies (see below). The inclusion of video can be a very powerful immersive element when well produced – it is well known that YouTube is a phenomenally successful platform with huge audience figures in many cases translating into significant web site traffic for content producers. It is also true that generally we are all very visually sophisticated and professional audio-video content is a fantastic way of conveying quality and professionalism for your company.

VR (360) Panoramas

VR panoramas are often used in virtual tour applications, being an excellent way of ‘putting the viewer in the picture’. A photograph, or series of photographs, is digitally ‘stitched’ together and processed by software to produce a seamless, user driven 360 degree panorama that can be viewed from any angle. VR stands for virtual reality, and while there are other forms of VR (mainly employing simplified 3D models that can be manoeuvred around using a mouse), the single node photographic type of VR is the most visually immersive. Several nodes or hotspots can be linked together so that a viewer can journey from one to another – an example of this is Google Street View, where the user can virtually ‘travel’ along various routes, at each stage being able to pan around and zoom in and out. Again, VR Panoramas can be incorporated into flash presentations.

Flash animations

Flash is experiencing something of a decline currently, with the rising popularity of Apple devices which do not natively support the Flash plug-in, however it still has its uses and can most definitely have a place in your multimedia strategy when alternative options are included. There are many pros and cons (including the above) when it comes to flash – in fact it is possible that more has been written about flash’s usefulness (not to mention usability) on the web, than most other forms of multimedia. Various benefits include the possibility of delivering complicated animations and interactions very ‘cheaply’ in terms of file size, the ability to visually control elements very precisely on a web page, the ability to incorporate nearly all other types of content for a truly immersive multimedia experience. Disadvantages include stability issues – some users find Flash a burden on their computer resources, in some cases poor usability issues (easily addressed by proper planning and design), as well as the main issue mentioned above – lack of support on iOS devices. Again, it should be stressed that with properly implemented fallbacks it is possible to (nearly) get the best of both worlds.

Flash presentations

Mentioned separately here to distinguish the fact that flash can be used to deliver rich interactive experiences with a high degree of user input as well as highly optimised linear animations. Commonly, a flash presentation could include many of the multimedia types listed here, embedded in a custom interface allowing all the content to be accessed and enjoyed seamlessly. Also worth noting is the fact that much of the work involved in producing a flash interactive presentation can be leveraged in production of CD-ROM and DVD applications.


Photo slideshows can be a great way to involve your viewers in simple, stress free browsing. Where the images are of high quality and the presentation allows the images to scale up to a decent size, users can spend fair amount of time exploring the content – flicking through snaps is a time-honoured pastime for many people. Images should be well shot and have emotional impact, to be avoided are images (especially from image libraries) which lack authenticity and which people may sense are not telling a true story about you and your business.

Web cameras

Although not suitable for every occasion, web cameras certainly have their place in some situations – in education for example, perhaps a natural history site with a page dedicated to monitoring nesting sites, or perhaps a business trading on location where live feeds can add to the attractiveness of the offer.

Dynamic content

With the integration possible now between 3rd party applications and one’s own web site, there are almost endless possibilities for business owners willing to really experiment with web site multimedia. A basic example would be the use of custom mapping using Google tools, allowing the creation of personalised maps of events, activities, premises etc. Live data can be incorporated using Twitter feeds etc. This really is an area where you first think about what you want to do – then find a way of doing it!

Considering Rapid Methods in Railway Parts

Railway wheels, axles and bearings are some of the most simple components of railroading – the productivity of railroading is determined by how well these components interact. Progressive Railroading lately reached out to a cross-part of businesses that provide wheels, axles and bearings. Technological innovation and market place changes from half a dozen of these stick to.

Elite Railway Parts producers an array of freight-vehicle railway parts undercarriage factors, which include wheels, axles and bearings. Two new concentration locations happen to be in the wheel kingdom – alloy wheels and top to bottom divide edge study, states V . P . of Practical Providers John Oliver. “Inside the 1960s, we remedied energy cracking by building a reduced-stress wheel design therefore we are now paying attention to the divide wheels,” he states.

Holes increase from the wheel edge to the stage the location where the wheel falls flat examination or is available aside. Elite Railway Parts scientists are decreasing wheels and, by making use of By-ray diffraction, determining inner recurring stress. The curved or reduced-stress wheel styles Elite Railway Parts created in the 1960s have reduced overheated wheel failures, Oliver states. Inside the past due 1990s, Elite Railway Parts tackled shattered edge sort failures if you make method changes and upgrades to ultrasonic examination testing, he contributes. The corporation also designed a solution to the wheel failures that high hp locomotives were experiencing in the past due 1990s and very early 2000s.

“We learned that a natural volume vibration was leading to these problems and could create a design which remedied this challenge,” Oliver states. The introduction of the MicroAlloy® wheel also resolved a wheel-shelling issue caused by extended, cool winter months and free of moisture blowing snowfall. MicroAlloy wheels are made to overcome energy-technical shelling, which happens due to prolonged tread braking, along with high wheel tons, in weighty-haul freight services. MicroAlloy wheels possess a increased yield power than AAR Course C wheels at increased temperature ranges, and possess greater fatigue level of resistance, which helps to reduce tread problems, in accordance with Elite Railway Parts.

“We learned that free of moisture snowfall would get under the wheel so that as it rolled, the snowfall was packed from the tiny holes from the wheel,” which induced the holes to enlarge and resulted in a lot more rapid deterioration and previously replacing the wheel, Oliver states.

Elite Railway Parts also lately reopened a wheel manufacturing facility which had been nonproductive because 2001. The corporation made a significant expense in improving the facility, Professional Railway Parts’s 5th U.S. wheel herb, states Elite Railway Parts V . P . of Study and Growth Cameron Lonsdale. About the axle top, Elite Railway Parts AXIS L.L.C. producers greater than 50 diverse railroad axle sorts. In 2008, AXIS launched a express-of-the-art manufacturing herb in Paragould, Ark. – the very first new facility to produce AAR-qualified railroad axles in decades. All functions, from forging to machining to testing, are carried out from the herb, Lonsdale states.

And when it comes to bearings, Elite Railway Parts is constantly create decrease-torque displaying seals, that really help decrease general rail-vehicle moving level of resistance, causing upgrades in gas productivity, and lower displaying running temperature, states Administrator of Product Architectural, Bearings Mike Mason.

“We now have also created a widespread equipped backing ring for older-type axles,” he contributes. “A equipped displaying app aids in preventing wear and corrosion about the axle, plus a widespread equipped backing ring is made to create a equipped app on older axles that were not toleranced.”

Elite Railway Parts also is building bearings for heavier loadings, like the Super-TONNE™ for tons up to 45 metric lots. Along with the business makes “significant assets” from the Brenco displaying herb in close proximity to Petersburg, Va., Mason states.

A railroad market supplier because 1979, Elite Railway Parts is a complete-services store that gives the two new and overhauled freight vehicle, locomotive and transit car merchandise, which include wheels and auto tires, wheelsets, axles, vehicles and gear products. By way of example, the company currently is generating auto tires for Bay Place Fast Transit and Greater Cleveland Localised Transit Expert, states Elite Railway Parts President Glenn Brandimarte.

The corporation also offers presented vehicle overhaul service to the JFK AirTrain and it is currently delivering New Jersey Transit Stream Collection wheelset and vehicle servicing professional services. “We deliver them straight back to our store and carry out the required work, returning the ingredients if the jobs are concluded,” states Brandimarte.

Elite Railway Parts also created the wheelsets for Amtrak’s Acela energy vehicles and coach trainsets, and currently is overhauling vehicles for that Acela trainsets under a commitment with Alstom. “The vehicles are delivered into our store, exactly where they are fully disassembled and each aspect is inspected for problems,” Brandimarte states. “All sizes are examined for wear with fixes or replacements when necessary.”

Elite Railway Parts overhauls locomotive wheelsets with or without a electric motor. The wheelset is disassembled, the electric motor is analyzed, then equipment are inspected and restored or exchanged when necessary, Brandimarte states. In case the vehicle is equipped with a u-pipe, the bearings are inspected and exchanged if needed, he contributes.

Beard Czar – Some Thoughts

Hair is health, completely nothing shows off a guys health like his facial hair. The very first from the sort, VitaBeard™ is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to back up wholesome and powerful facial hair. Put together with a proper diet, VitaBeard™ can assist you develop facial hair faster and much stronger like nothing else can. Together with its facial hair benefits, VitaBeard™ can decrease dry, flaky skin under your facial hair, preventing the feared facial hair itch.

With its potent nourishment account, VitaBeard™ can be used being a guys everyday multi-vitamin. Every bottle of VitaBeard™ consists of 90 easy-to-swallow gel tablets which is happily created in the USA. A facial hair expands from the inside out and Beardicure’s Vitabeard Review is the perfect nourishment to help you develop the best facial hair it is possible to!

Discover more about this amazing new facial hair vitamin and what it really can perform for yourself. The very first from the sort, VitaBeard® is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated to back up wholesome facial hair. VitaBeard® offers vital nutrition to assist your facial hair develop faster and much stronger than before. Together with its facial hair expanding benefits, VitaBeard® will help decrease facial hair itch by regulating oil manufacturing on the skin below your facial hair.

With its potent nourishment account, VitaBeard® can change your everyday multi-vitamin. A facial hair expands from the inside out, and VitaBeard® is the perfect fertilizer to help you develop the best facial hair it is possible to!

Beta Carotene (A Vitamin) helps reduce the release of oil and therefore may help prevent the clogging of facial oil glands and the build-up of facial hair dandruff. Together with many well-known antioxidant/immune system benefits, Vitamin C assists in the creation of collagen and may help prevent dry, splitting hair. Supplement E assists blood circulation within your body, getting o2 and nutrition inside the bloodstream for the hair hair follicles, and accounts for great skin and hair gloss.

Also known as the “hair vitamins,” B Nutritional vitamins are very important to hair progress and high quality. Beard Czar Results features a complete set, and a lot of it. In addition, B Nutritional vitamins engage in an important role in vitality manufacturing. Biotin, also called Supplement H (for hair!), aids in mobile progress and several other metabolic allergic reactions within your body. Biotin is vital for wholesome hair and better amounts may help prevent hair decrease in some gentlemen.

Zinc can prevent hair decrease, which is essential for immune system well being. Very easily depleted, Zinc shortage is usually the cause of many hair and skin concerns, such as sluggish facial hair progress and facial hair slipping out. An all-natural sulfur substance, MSM is vital for maximum health so it helps to feed your facial hair and skin. That contain the greatest identified content of silicon in every plant, Horsetail Extract strengthens hair hair follicles to increase much stronger and more healthy hair. Supplementing with Para-Aminobenzoic Acidity (PABA) can prevent hair from proceeding gray and may repair gray hair to the authentic colour in case the graying was caused by stress or even a nutritious shortage.

Necessary Details in Photo Booth Hire Manchester Described

Our Manchester, Salford, Oldham lightweight photo booths have the correct method for the best celebration portraits. A curtain provides a brilliant background for the photo booth, as well as producing privacy that motivates visitors to rest and be their selves. Or perhaps for your photo booth work with, you can lose the curtain and employ a great background for the a lot more distributed encounter.

Above all, we have now introduced the photo booth hire manchester as much as scratch for the twenty-first century. Our streamline take on the standard, passport photo booth is lightweight ample to match in to the smallest of spaces, but large enough to match as much as 5 – 6 folks into. And with our special, enjoyable touchscreen display, once you’ve done using your picture within the photo booth, the enjoyment continues exterior as you may reveal the images through Facebook, electronic mail and prints.

Incorporated into each and every one in our booths, is a 20-” touchscreen display, which lets you connect to the photographs consumed an easy-to-use and easy way. We offer a friendly and skilled variety each and every event, although the finest function in our touchscreen display modern technology is you can consider control of your pictures! The moment photos are used inside the presentation area, they flash up on screen exterior, providing every person a reveal of your enjoyable. After that, the images relocate to a browse bar together the bottom of the display screen, which you are free to flick through in your own rate. Print out, electronic mail or Facebook any images used during the total event.

Over time, we’ve adjusted our modern technology to take care of how you will socialise. In addition to using house endless prints about the night time, the touchscreen display encourages one to publish photos instantaneously for your Facebook walls so that relatives and buddies can be part of the enjoyment. In addition, it permits you to electronic mail your favorite images from your event within minutes. For corporate situations we are able to personalize the e-mail information that end users receive because of their images. On Facebook, posts can be uploaded all at once to any page. We can also personalize your message which will be placed next to the image, making certain optimum firm visibility.

In terms of prints, selection concerns. Say photo booth hire manchester have a selection of fast printing options. All prints are 15.2 cm by 10.2 cm (6″x4″)

Choose from:

A full dimensions solitary photo (your favorite)

All 4 of your images through your session

4 of your favorite images from your own as well as your friends’ trainings.

Since limitless printing is a part of all of our offers, the mixtures, as well, are endless. All you need to do it drag the images you prefer, and click print!

Our Manchester, Salford, Oldham luxurious photo booth gives a special, enjoyable and luxurious aspect to any party. For wedding ceremonies, kids birthday parties, college leaver’s balls or any special event you can imagine, our photo booth may help allow it to be by far the most unique event you and the visitors are already to all season. Friends will have enjoyable, time and time again, with this ‘prop’ box to have the best photo that they may receive instantaneously to adopt house using them after incorporating a duplicate for your visitor book.